Coconut Smochonut…This Water Had Me Jumping



Wowsa – not surprising but Coconut water has become big business in North America. All of a sudden people are calling it “Mother Nature’s Gatorade” and talking up all of  it’s amazing restorative powers. Nutritionists have been endorsing the daily use of coconut water for decades and now cocktail blogs are posting recipes for coconut water newbies, talking about this delicious new chaser that’s actually good for you. Post-workout for those of us into fitness or heavy-duty travelers – this is a great, electrolyte-restoring thirst quencher and for cocktails at home, it’s perfect for a pair of scotch and coconut waters.

Ask anyone from the islands and they’ll tell you – we are all WAY behind! Coconut water has been a staple in cultures around the world FOREVER, for exactly these reasons!

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up drinking coconut water since a kid and having my sister family from the islands I understood what it was like to have cold coconut water, fresh from the nut. Over my many years of traveling I have had the pleasure of having coconut water and its flesh all over the world and it is DELICIOUS. If you ever visit a tropical local that has – it’s a must. Stop for coconut water, drink it, and then ask the vendor to cut it open so you can enjoy the coconut jelly inside. So good, and so good for you!

Recently I was asked to sample some great new coconut water on the market available here in Canada at our Shopper’s Drug Marts and it was a big hit at home. Coco The Natural Drink is convenient and tasty especially when ice-cold and is a great product to have stored to pack for those long car rides or hard workout days.


I’ve taken a local health guru’s recipe and adapted it to suit with this great product, Coco The Natural Drink and I hope you will enjoy!

Amazon Power Smoothie

1 cup coconut water

1/2 cup chopped strawberries

1/2 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup Acai puree

1/2 tsp Guarana powder

Agave Nectar to taste

2 cups ice

Blend and enjoy!

Country of origin:
Brazil (northern)

– Coconut Water
– Vitamin C (ascorbic acid*)

More Details:
COCO the Natural Drink is a Brazilian coconut water that is harvested and bottled at 5 1/2 – 6 1/2 months; at it’s nutritional peak.

Available in:
– 330ml Tetra Pak
– 12 Units Per Case

So delicious, so refreshing – and if you’re new to coconut water, trying it with a light fruit flavor like Pineapple or Mango – this isn’t a bad way to go. My only complaint is that the single-serving size cartons are too small for me, I always want another one! My Godson and his sister love the single size for the road and the tetra paks are easier to store in the cupboard before making their way to the fridge.

Have a look at what is going on with this super fab company and the amazing people they support like Olympian Kyle Jones.


Give them a follow over at Twitter:

Coco The Natural Drink is now the proud sponsor of Canadian National Champion and 2012 Olympian, Kyle Jones from Oakville, ON, who is now living and training in Victoria, BC with his wife Kelly. Follow him on Twitter:

Go out and give them a try and if you try the Smoothie recipe let me know how it turns out or if you make a new blend of your own!



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  1. We are so honored to be mentioned on this consistently well conceived blog. Many thanks !
    We are a grass-roots Canadian company with Canadians on the ground in Brazil to ensure only the best coconuts are used for COCO. Hoppe you’ll support us and try us out at most Shoppers Drug Marts accross Canada, in their fridges.

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