ALL THINGS SPA:Recipe: Apricot Oil Hand Moisturizer


Apricot Oil Hand Moisturizer

Winter hasn’t quite escaped us yet so if you have prematurely aged, dry sensitive or inflamed skin – Apricot oil is particularly effective. Here is a fantastic recipe to assist especially during the winter season.

  • 2 cups/460ml. water, preferably distilled
  • 6 dried apricots
  • 1 oz./30 ml./30g. grated beeswax
  • 1 cup/230 ml. apricot oil
  • ½ cup/115ml. coconut oil
  • ½ cup/115ml. aloe vera gel
  • 5 vitamin E capsules, broken open

In a saucepan, bring water and dried apricots to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes. Set aside to cool. In a double boiler set over low heat, combine the beeswax, apricot oil and coconut oil and cook, stirring constantly, for approx. 10 minutes. Pour into a glass container and set aside. Place water and apricots in a blender and blend until smooth. Strain through a cheesecloth, discard solids and put liquid back into blender. Add aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil. Blend at slow speed. With blender running slowly drizzle in beeswax mixture as if making a thick vinaigrette and has the consistency of frosting. Pour into jars and store in a cool place. Mark containers with date you made the batch. Apply to your hands after every washing.



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