Some Tips to FLY SMART


Flying Smart is always best and we may not always have our attention when we get down to the weeks or days prior to leaving on our grand adventures or heading home to see family and friends. These tips below can help clear away some of the confusion or be reminders of stuff we may already know but don’t practice on a regular basis.



  • Tip #1 to Fly Smart: Understand your rights and responsibilities as a passenger


  • Tip #2 to Fly Smart: Know the fare rules that apply to your ticket


  • Tip #3 to Fly Smart: Call ahead with special requests


  • Tip #4 to Fly Smart: Be sure to have all of your travel documents


  • Tip #5 to Fly Smart: Don’t miss your flight – keep in touch with your carrier


  • Tip #6 to Fly Smart: Check in EARLY


  • Tip #7 to Fly Smart: Know your carrier’s baggage limits(Also ensure that you properly measure your baggage with a measuring tape..dimensions are not the same across the board with all brands out there!)


  • Tip #8 to Fly Smart: Pack smart – keep your ID, medications and valuables with you


  • Tip #9 to Fly Smart: Have insurance when you travel (medical and cancellation/interruption advised – don’t assume your credit card or work covers you enough)


  • Tip #10 to Fly Smart: Find out more how the Canadian Transportation Agency can help you


You can find these tips and much more information to ensure that you FLY SMART at or


A handy PDF format of all of these tips and much more can be found at : FLY SMART

The Canadian Transportation Agency works to ensure that federally regulated (air, rail, marine and inter-provincial bus) transportation services and facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.

The Agency has publications and checklists to help you plan travel that meets accessibility requirements.

You can also find some great information regarding traveling with disabilities in the booklet: Take Charge of Your Travel: A Guide for Persons with Disabilities

Take the time to do your double checking – it’s better to do before flight than after or during….being up in the air isn’t always conducive to great travel experiences.


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