My guest post on Vallarta Escapes :: Meditation, Mother Nature and Father Time


As we come to the pass between the recognized days of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day it strikes me to be present and to being respectful to our global mother and father – Mother Nature and Father Time.

Do you ever feel as though you are out of step or out of tune with your life? Do you find yourself moving left when the events of a normally hectic day unexpectedly move to the right? Most certainly each one of us in our modern society learns how to juggle the many tasks that allow us to meet the demands of our busy lives. This we are told should bring us happiness and personal satisfaction but no matter how skilled we are to tackle the day to day that present themselves we often realize that we might have missed something really important…a child’s accomplishment, a loved one in need of some comfort or a beautiful sunset.  One thing I can confirm is my ability to better manage life’s events has been embellished by my meditative travels – so this begs the question – why add this helpful life tool to your physical travel journeys?

There are so many amazing reasons to meditate including reduction of stress, eliminate fatigue, ease pain, cultivate inner peace and expand our awareness.  Regular practice of meditation improves our memory and concentration so why wouldn’t you want to incorporate it into your regular travel planning. Imagine being able to start your day “fresh” and with clarity while you take the moments to listen to the ocean and watch the sunrise – wouldn’t the travel memories you bring home seem more vivid? Meditation can be done in almost any posture and some, like me, enjoy utilizing a sitting posture on the beach or on a mountain or cliff top like the Gros Piton of St. Lucia or the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru. The only important thing is to be as comfortable and as balanced as possible and try to breathe through your nose with a smile across your face.

Meditation is a skill as old as humanity itself. There are a handful of different kinds of meditation and while each was designed for a specific purpose, some work better than others. It is noted that regular practice of meditation promotes happiness and uncovers our individual source of bliss that lies within each of us and can be achieved simply and especially on a relaxing and refreshing holiday, whether it be the beach, the mountains or the great divides in between. Imagining yourself meditating in a beautiful natural setting (a vacation spot is perfect for this!) this has a profound nourishing effect on your entire bodymind and spirit. The outdoors is where we can naturally take a moment to recharge our batteries, returning to nature is a root experience for any human being.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the wonders of the most beautiful natural setting in world – the restorative place in your mind created with imagery from your physical journeys.  The goal of meditation is to bring harmony to your thoughts and not to stop them altogether – use them to make your life and our world a better place.

Take the time to be mindful when on a journey…



About traveliciousdee

Deborah Peniuk is the owner of AYA Life , a travel consulting company that brings dreams to life; and she is @TraveliciousDee, a creative outside-the-box travel planner & retreat builder who has empowered clients to travel since the 1990's. Specializing in small group travel she creates retreats for all doctrines of health and wellness. Her team spirit and limitless imagination are key to anyone planning a memorable "outside the lines" experience.

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