Tropical Adventures and Unexpected Rainy Christmas in St. Lucia



One step off the plane and I felt like I was home…

 This past week,  I was fortunate to finalize my certification as a St. Lucia specialist and was given a private tour of some of the most spectacular resorts in St.Lucia. 


Regarded as the jewel of the Caribbean, St. Lucia is as well known for its dramatic inland topography of ancient volcanic remnants and rainforest footpaths as it is for its iconic oceanic scenery of windswept shores and protected bays.

Known as a stable and independent nation, St. Lucia enjoys an established & trusted monetary system, excellent medical, utility and telecommunications infrastructure and a safe tourism environment.

The island is influenced by a rich blend of African, French and English traditions and St. Lucia hosts a wide array of annual cultural & music festivals, including a Carnival celebration and the internationally renowned Jazz Festival in May. Many local St. Lucians also enjoy a strong history of indigenous folk music.

Many times battled over by English and French mariners for centuries, this tropical paradise is also a living museum. Relics from St. Lucia’s past as a historic sailing route are still once and while discovered in the golden sands of St. Lucia’s beautiful beaches.

When the urge to go island hopping strikes you, you can reach Martinique by flight or ferry and the Grenadines and Barbados are only 20-30 minutes away by air.

All this rich history and foretelling of fantastic properties around the island started my journey to this island paradise. I’ll start you off with one of the shining diamonds – Jade Mountain – designed and owned by a fellow British Columbian Canuck, Nick Troubetzkoy.

You might recall on the two-hour season finale this year: The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Jake Pavelka made his decision between Vienna and Tenley. The final ceremony took place on the rooftop at Jade Mountain. For the season finale, an ABC stylist totally transformed the rooftop (the resort’s Celestial Terrace) into a floral garden.

Canadian Architect Nick Troubetzkoy strove for an organic architecture — and got it. Built into the hillside, with stunning views of the Piton Mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the island of St. Lucia’s pride and joy) which are accessible from most of the property.

 Each of the 29 rooms has its own, very private infinity pool with three walls that are built around the pool, with the open wall facing out onto the water and the amazing vista.

At Jade Mountain – their sanctuaries are purposely techno-free; with no telephones, radio or television. Internet access is available at reception for those who simply cannot let go of the outside world as you are encouraged to by the resort and its staff! The resort major domos with a dedicated resort team ensure that their outstanding service is given 24/7.

At the Jade Club, the resort’s restaurant with James Beard Award-winning chef Allen Susser at the helm, diners are seated around an infinity pool that has a kaleidoscope of colors that glitter and sparkle under the Caribbean sun. 

Above the Jade Mountain Club is the Celestial Terrace, perfect for those sunset cocktails, wedding receptions or star-gazing and a clear uninterrupted view of the Pitons.


Anse Chastanet, the 600-acre retreat with two beaches and also on the island’s quiet Southwestern coast, is the sister property to Jade Mountain. It was also designed by Troubetzkoy. The chic plaid motif, which is modern and a departure from the usual tropical décor hotels often turn to, decorates the rooms. All the room furnishings have been constructed from island woods (such as teak, mahogany and wild breadfruit) and by the local artisans.

Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of the amazing and award-winningJade Mountain with all of her sister property – Anse Chastanet’s restaurants, bars, boutiques, art gallery, spa, scuba, bike and watersports facilities as well as 2 soft sand beaches that are also available to Jade Mountain guests at all times.

More of my reviews and insights to the multiple resorts, inns,villas, hotels and spa retreats on the island of St. Lucia to follow in the coming days.  If this property or any other in the Caribbean may have teased an addition to the bucket list, please email  or call me at 647-347-6693.


About traveliciousdee

Deborah Peniuk is the owner of AYA Life , a travel consulting company that brings dreams to life; and she is @TraveliciousDee, a creative outside-the-box travel planner & retreat builder who has empowered clients to travel since the 1990's. Specializing in small group travel she creates retreats for all doctrines of health and wellness. Her team spirit and limitless imagination are key to anyone planning a memorable "outside the lines" experience.

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  1. My finance and I went to Jamaica earlier this month and the last few days it rained like crazy. We were glad we got a few days under the sun. St. Lucia looks nice.

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